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One-Way SMS

Reachable! Your Customers Gateway To You

Using the right platform, it's never been easier for businesses to connect with their customers by listening to them directly via SMS. That’s why we are here to serve you the best mobile messaging solutions which results in growing your business as well as your customer base across region.

Our solution could be used for: Radio, TV channels and More!

Send us on 4545 and tell us which song you want us to play
SMS: "I want to listen to Adele new song"

Send us on 4545 all your questions and we will reply to you on the spot!
SMS: "I have a question to the guest"

Two-Way SMS

Engaging! Increased Customer Loyalty

Leveraging the power of SMS, our messaging solution offers you the best and simplest way to automate responses to your customers queries anywhere and anytime. Highest level of customer engagement is your target, our target!

Our solution could be used for: Q & A, Mobile Competitions and More!

Q-SMS: What does my Zodiac sign Gemini say today?
A-SMS: Hello Gemini, your audience will be attentive to you today. Take the lead and others will follow.

Q-SMS: Hi, How can I help you?
A-SMS: I need to know the address of X store.

Q-SMS: Thank you for your inquiry. The requested address is ...


Endless Possibilities! Customize Your Solution

Application Integration is now made easy. Platform integration plays a key role in enabling your current applications or systems to go mobile. Through such solution, you are able to build, integrate and customize your own interface and user experience to send and receive messages via our APIs.

Our SMS API could be used for: Creating custom SMS solutions with the smoothest systems, applications integration and More!

Short Number

Unique! Your Short Numbers.. Your Identity

Send and receive messages through a unique dedicated Short number, reserved just for you! Our mobile messaging specialists have had experience building SMS applications with custom and personalized logic that apply to any business. No matter how complex it is, we bring in the flexibility and adaptability to it.

Short Numbers could be used for: Competitions, Enquiries, Registrations, Automated Replies and More!

We Serve You The Best!

SMS Concatenation

Receive and send long, multi-part messages in the right order.

99.9% Uptime & SLA

Made possible with load balancing, failover, and outage-proofing.

Bi-Directional Unicode

Supports none English text for sending and receiving SMS.

Online Reporting System

We provide a reporting interface with real-time monitoring.

Customized Development

We can deliver any type of SMS service or integration with your back end system.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Our Support team can be reached by mail, phone or ticketing system.

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