Voice Broadcasting

Powerful! Voice Campaigns? That's Smart

Our Voice Broadcasting and IVR platform use the power of the outgoing calling and automated dialing technology via automated message delivery system which plays your pre-recorded messages without human involvement. You will be able to set up and run as many simultaneous voice broadcasting campaigns as required.

Voice Broadcasting could be used for: Informational Calls, Market Research, Public announcements, Conducting polls, Verification, Reminders, Emergency Notifications, Interactive surveys and More!

"This is a survey call. How good is our after-sale service? If Excellent press 1, If Good press 2, If Poor press 3"

IVR Short Number

Outstanding! Distinguished Numbers.. Quality Service

Dedicating a unique number offers you a direct way to contact your customers, with the use of advanced features like digits capture, voice record, call transfer and more.

Our IVR platform is built on VoiceXML which is considered to be the latest voice technology world wide. Our VXML and IVR specialists have had experience building thousands of voice applications and integrating our Voice Gateway with a multitude of platforms.

Short Number could be used for: Banks, Embassies, Company’s Customer Service, Advisory services and More!

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Powerful, yet simple language for building voice dialogs.

99.9% Uptime & SLA

Made possible with load balancing, failover, and outage-proofing.

Customized Development

We can deliver any type of voice application or system integration.

Online Reporting System

We provide a reporting interface with real-time monitoring.

High Performance & Reliability

Handle concurrent requests with reliability and high performance.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Our Support team can be reached by mail, phone or ticketing system.

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